Jamie Lendino is the principal composer for Sound For Games Interactive, a premier creator of sound effects and scoring focused on interactive media. He has created custom music, ambient soundscapes, and adaptive audio for some of the biggest mobile, PC, and console games in recent years, including both licensed and original IPs. He is familiar with all current delivery platforms, and works closely with project leads and programmers alike to create stellar-sounding audio--always on time and on budget.


May 2010

Jamie was interviewed for a fourth book, Game Industry Career Guide, by Jeannie Novak and Michael E. Moore; it's available now, and is a good resource for anyone interested in getting into the industry for the first time.

September 2009

Jamie is featured in a third book for the game industry, Game QA & Testing, by Luis Levy and Jeannie Novak. He discusses the implementation and testing process for integrating audio assets in games.

October 2008

Jamie has appeared in two of Aaron Marks’ new books, Game Audio Development and The Complete Guide to Game Audio, 2nd Edition. He said anyone looking to break into the industry should consider these must-buy resources--even though he’s ever-so-slightly biased.

July 2008

Jamie designed all of the sound effects for Electronic Arts’ Monopoly for the iPod. Venan Entertainment developed the game, while Apple and EA served as publishers. It’s available now for the iPod Classic, the 5G iPod, and the 4G iPod Nano from the iTunes Store.

December 2007

Jamie created all sound effects and music for SpongeBob's Atlantis Treasures, a mobile game published by THQ Wireless. It's available now from major cell phone portals.